Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the major difference between a 360 photo and a 3D scan, and how do I choose the right technology?

While a 360 photo can glance in every direction, Virtual Reality using 3D scans is transformative. For example, if you took a 360 photo of a room--even if viewed on a headset--you can't walk over to the window and look at it from a different angle to understand the views and the space. When using a 3D scan process, you can look outside that window from every angle. You can see how the light changes in the room based on the time of day because all of that data is contained in true 3D scan.

A 360 photo can communicate direction but it doesn't give the understanding of scale and relationships that true virtual reality does.

How long does a 3D scan take?

Typical projects can be accomplished within 24 hours. More in depth or complex spaces may require more time. Obviously the larger the spaces and number of assets the longer the scanning can take.

Can I post the content to Facebook and other Social media sites?

Yes, we’ll provide a set of links, embed codes and files your can use on all your web, e-mail and social sites.

What if my business wants to host the 3D space?

Of course! We can arrange for that as well. The cost for hosting and uploading fees can be handled through a annual subscription with the same service provider that AllAroundVR would use. So there is a savings over time to host the spaces. We would be happy to explain more. Just ask.